MOPS/ Young Mom’s Workshop or Bible Study

Please note this is a sampling of what Tracy shares with her audiences. If you have another “issue” or “theme” that you would like Tracy to address, please send your talk topic request to:

Kindergarten 101

Wee gals need to play nice, and so do their mommies. Tragically, we can get spun up and divided over issues like how to deliver, feed, or diaper our babies. When we’re buried under the demands of a newborn or toddler, it’s often easier to text a friend “Happy Birthday” or “I’ll pray for you” instead of actually calling or visiting her in person. How are we supposed to act toward each other when we barely sleep, our hormones are raging, and our house is littered with cheerios and wooden blocks? Tracy believes the things we learned in kindergarten ought to be studied once again, or our friendships may become shallow during a season where we need them desperately. She leaves mommies:

  • Eager to evaluate the effects of Facebook, Twitter, and texting as they increasingly become convenient forms of communication and agents of “mommy isolation”
  • Encouraged by sharing the challenges she faces as a transient military wife and mom of two
  • With a clear understanding of what the Bible says about unity, love, and friendship
  • Entertained as she re-examines friend-saving truths such as: do not hit, always share, and always flush the toilet

Is Your Mommysitter on Speed Dial?

We were never meant to mother alone. We need help! Tracy loves to encourage other young moms by sharing the two gifts that have been invaluable to her as she navigates the season of being a tired and scatterbrained young mom. Tracy candidly unwraps the gifts that have helped mommies:

  • Find the true source of patience, creativity, patience, love, patience, strength, and more patience
  • Connect with older women for direction on everything from potty training to homemaking
  • Realize that they are not just a diaper bag but a beloved child of God, first and foremost

Becoming a Childlike Woman of God

Before Tracy had kids, she thought she knew what it took to be a “good mom.” Laughing hysterically now, she admits she knew nothing before becoming a mom to her precious children, Jackson and Katie. In this talk Tracy now shares what she believes is the secret to becoming a “good mom.” Moms will:

  • Be touched by what Jesus says about His own children
  • Celebrate how frantic crying (whether it is your own or your baby’s) leads you closer to the arms of Jesus
  • Learn how to take the pressure off of themselves, how to refocus, and how to truly rest